Frequently Asked Questions
HyperETH is an Ethereum Blockchain based CryptoGaming social platform that offers web and smart contract games. The platform includes an autonomous internal smart exchange which allows users to purchase HYPER tokens to fuel their Game Play Balance and participate in our offered games. The Platform also offers token holder incentives in which users are rewarded for holding HYPER tokens.

There are various incentives offered to HYPER token holders. These incentives include:
1. Distributed Exchange Fees - For each buy or sell triggered in our HyperEX 10% of the exchange fee is distributed to token holders based upon the number of tokens the user is holding in their HyperEX Wallet. The more tokens the user holds the higher percentage of the exchange fee they will obtain.
2. HyperStake Platform - Token holders are able to deposit their tokens into our HyperStake smart contract which will return 1% ROI as long as there is tokens in the Stake Pool Reserves.
3. Hypernode Referral Commission - Users that hold 1 HYPER token or more provided with a Hypernode referral link. When other uses purchase tokens using a Hypernode link 10% of the overall buy fee is automatically allocated to the referer as a reward.
4. Gameplay & Wagering - All games offered on the HyperETH platform are only available to those that own HYPER tokens.

The platform will offer both smart contract games and web based games. These will be expanded upon as the platform grows. Dependant on the community interest, this will drive the future development of our gaming ecosystem. HyperETH has taken an innvoative step on top of the basic smart contract gaming approaches in offering customized player vs player wagering enabled web games.

Breakdown of the HyperETH fee structure:
1. 20% Buy Fee (10% of the overall fee is allocated to Hypernode Referrer if there is one, 1.5% goes to development funds,, 1.5% goes to to the Staking contract, and 10% split and allocated to token holders. The additional fee % is left in the HyperEX contract.)
2. 13% Sell Fee (10% is split and distributed to all hypernode holders based off the percentage of tokens you are holding and 3% allocated to development funding.)
3. 10% Hypernode Commissions (Any user holding 100 or more HYPER tokens is eligable to recieve 10% of any ETH spent by referred user in the HyperEX)
4. 10% Staking Withdraw Fee (The HyperStakes platform charges a 10% withdraw fee to any user who withdraws all their tokens from the HyperStakes staking platform.)
5. 3% HyperStake Allocation Fee & 3% Game Dev Fee (Of tokens wagered in any HyperETH platform web games 3% will be allocated to the HyperStakes stake pool balance and 3% deducted from winners total and collected as a game development fee to help fuel the development of future web games. Ex. 200 total tokens wagered, winner would receive 188 of those tokens.)

Your GPB or your Game Play Balance are the HYPER tokens used to play our web and smart contract games. YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO METAMASK. Once you are logged in, when you visit the HyperETH platform it will request you to sign in and approve the wallet sync. Complete this and you will see your Game Play Balance at the top right side of the navigation bar. Click the FUND button to send your HYPER tokens from your HyperEX wallet to your GPB. Click WITHDRAW and you are able to withdraw your tokens from your GPB back to your HyperEX wallet. Tokens won or lost during gameplay will be added or deducted from your Game Play Balance.