What is HyperETH?
HyperETH is a decentralized ethereum blockchain driven gaming ecosystem comprised of both smart contract games and web games. The platform includes an internal smart contract exchange which allows users to exchange ethereum for HYPER tokens. These tokens will be needed to play our available games. The platform also offers incentives to users that choose to participate in our Hypernode rewards system.

What kind of incentives? And what is a Hypernode?
The platform offers its users incentives (as long as there are incentive rewards available) for holding tokens and being part of the HyperETH ecosystem. For users to be able to take part in the reward system a minumum of 100 HYPER tokens must be held in your HyperEX wallet at all times. 100 Tokens will give you HYPERNODE status and enable your shareable Hypernode Link which provides you 10% of the overall 10% fee when users purchase HYPER tokens using your link.

What games are offered on the platform?
The platform will offer both smart contract games and web based games. These will be expanded upon as the platform grows. Dependant on the community interest, this will drive the future development of our gaming ecosystem. HyperETH has taken an innvoative step on top of the basic smart contract gaming approaches in offering customized player vs player wagering enabled web games.

What kind of fees are associated with the platform?
Here is a breakdown of the HyperETH fee structure. The team itself is allocated a very small amount of the overall fees. Unlike other platforms our fees are set up to help feed and sustain our platforms ecosystem. Every fee associated has been thought out and serves a specific purpose to the platform not any developers pocket.

All platform fees & dividends are as follows:
- 20% Buy Fee (10% of the overall fee is allocated to Hypernode Referrer if there is one, 1.5
% goes to development funds,, 1.5% goes to to the Staking contract, and 10% split and allocated to token holders. The additional fee % is left in the HyperEX contract.)
- 13% Sell Fee (10% is split and distributed to all hypernode holders based off the percentage of tokens you are holding and 3% allocated to development funding.)
- 10% Hypernode Commissions (Any user holding
100 or more HYPER tokens is eligable to recieve 10% of any ETH spent by referred user in the HyperEX)
- 10% Staking Withdraw Fee (
The HyperStakes platform charges a 10% withdraw fee to any user who withdraws all their tokens from the HyperStakes staking platform.)
3% HyperStake Allocation Fee & 3% Game Dev Fee (Of tokens wagered in any HyperETH platform web games 3% will be allocated to the HyperStakes stake pool balance and 3% deducted from winners total and collected as a game development fee to help fuel the development of future web games. Ex. 200 total tokens wagered, winner would receive 188 of those tokens.)

Is HyperETH a Scam? A Ponzi? A Pryamid?
This is the most important question and topic for our users and we want our users to understand the complete structure of the platform. Our team has learned and built upon what started as your typical pyramid dapp and turned it into a trustworthy, solid platform users can enjoy! We will not beat around the bush. The unique platform dividend system is set up to flourish with the platform growth however, over time if users are not playing games the ecosystem will become stale and dividends will run out. Our team does not see the dividend structure as the main focus of our platform. We see it as an incentived period for early platform adopters as well as an ongoing reward system for participation within the platform. Our team is focused on building fun, decentralized, wager based games for our users.

What is my Game Play Balance and how does it work?
YYour GPB or your Game Play Balance are the HYPER tokens used to play our web and smart contract games. YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO METAMASK. Once you are logged in, when you visit the HyperETH platform it will request you to sign in and approve the wallet sync. Complete this and you will see your Game Play Balance at the top right side of the navigation bar (shown in the image below.) Click the FUND button to send your HYPER tokens from your HyperEX wallet to your GPB. Click WITHDRAW and you are able to withdraw your tokens from your GPB back to your HyperEX wallet. Tokens won or lost during gameplay will be added or deducted from your Game Play Balance.