HYPEREX // HyperETH Token Exchange

How HYPEREX works:
HyperEX is our internal Smart Exchange. Completely autonomous the HyperEX is smart contract driven and the central hub of the HyperETH ecosystem. HYPER tokens which are used within the HyperETH platform can ONLY be purchased through the HyperEX.
Our smart exchange takes part in the platforms revenue distribution model which in turn rewards those holding HYPER tokens by distributing the exchange transaction fees amongst token holders. The more tokens you own the larger the dividends you receive! READ MORE INFO ABOUT HYPEREX

HYPER Tokens In Circulation
HyperEX Contract Value (ETH)
HyperEX Contract Value (USD)

HYPEREX // Exchange

Standard Buy Fee 20%
10% Token holders / 1.5% Staking Reserve / 1.5% Development
Price Per Token:
 Receive 0 HYPER Tokens
Standard Sell Fee 13%
10% Token holders / 1.5% Staking Reserve / 1.5% Development
Price Per Token:
Receive 0 ETH


HYPEREX // Balances


1 HYPER tokens are needed to be held to activate your Hypernode Link. Hypernodes earn you 10% from any BUY fees triggered using your link.

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Send your HYPER Tokens to ERC20 compatible wallets ONLY.
Note during transfer all dividends are collected.

HYPEREX // Information

HYPER Token Use Case

HYPER tokens are the key asset to the HyperETH ecosystem. These tokens are obtained using our HyperEX exchange above and used to participate in our  web games. There are also certain benefits to holding HYPER tokens such as referral commissions, and exchange dividends.

Securing a Hypernode

A minimum balance of 1 HYPER Tokens will give you HYPERNODE Status. Hypernode holders benefit from all exchanges that take place within HyperEX by receiving a percentage of each buy and sell order that is triggered. Additionally Masternode holders are entitled to 10% referral commissions when another user buys HYPER tokens using their link!

Game Play Balance

Your GPB or Game Play Balance is a seperate smart contract that is used to fund your HYPER token balance used for playing our Web Games. You will need to fund your GPB balance with HYPER tokens before playing any of our single or multiplayer Web Games. This is done by simply transfering your HYPER tokens to the smart contract address. Once your logged into metamask you will see in the top right of the navigation bar your balance as well as fund and withdraw buttons. You can fund or withdraw your tokens at any time and these tokens come from your HyperEX balance.

HyperEX Fees

All HYPER token purchases and sales performed in our HyperEX have associated fees. These fees are collected, pooled, and distributed evenly to Hypernode holders. Purchase fees are a standard 10%. Selling fees will be a standard 10%. This will never change. There is an additional 3% development fee deducted. See FAQs for more details on ALL platform fees.

Smart Contract Driven & Inflation Controlled

Tokens are managed entirely by the smart contract. When tokens are purchased through our HyperEX exchanger new tokens are minted and exchanged for ETH. During the selling process tokens sold through HyperEX are burned and ETH is returned to the seller. This helps control the amount of tokens in circulation removing excess tokens from the overall market.