HyperShot is an enhanced take on the original classic game of Pong. A true first of its kind, we have combined retro gaming with cryptocurrency. Put your pong skills to the test and HYPER tokens up for grabs vs other members of the HyperETH community!

Rules of Play:
1. Your mouse is used to control the direction of your paddle.
2. YOUR paddle is always GREEN. OPPONENTS paddle will always be the RED.
3. Make sure you have HYPER tokens available in your Game Play Balance. If you do not, FUND your Game Play Balance (located on right side of top navigation bar once logged in and connected to metamask)
4. To HOST a game under Available Games choose the amount of HYPER tokens you want to wager vs your opponent and click CREATE or click JOIN if you want to play vs another opponent already waiting.
6. Once connected to your opponent you will be sent to the HyperShot Arena where a countdown will begin to indicate start of game.
7. First player to 5 wins the tokens wagered.

Game Controls:

MOUSE - Controls paddle.


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Create room:

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Winners Payout 94%
Game Development Fee 3%
Staking Reserve 3%