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HRX is Coming!
Play. Win. Freeze. Earn.

The Proof of Play, DEX Profit Sharing, Mining & Staking Token!

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Luck Game
Classic Moon Game is now LIVE! Try to multiply your HYPER tokens to the moon... but beware of the crash!
  • Token Swap / AirDrop
    HRX is coming!
    Major changes are set to hit the HyperETH platform. Introducing a brand new ERC20 deflationary gaming token HRX!
  • Token Swap / AirDrop
    This is the grace period where users will be able to SWAP their HYPER tokens, where we will airDROP HRX tokens, and come out with a brand new dice game called HyperROLL to kick things off!
  • New Developments
    HyperDEX Developments
    HyperDEX will be our internal ERC20 token exchange. HRX token holders that freeze tokens into the HyperDEX contract will be rewarded a percentage of the transaction fees that occur within the DEX. The HyperDEX will be entirely smart contract driven.

New Staking Dapp Coming Soon
$HRX staking dapp coming soon.